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The Deputy Sheriffs of California's First Sheriff's Office

Established in 1850 at the peak of California's gold rush, the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office was the state's very first county sheriff's department. In those days of Black Bart, the Pony Express, and daily deployment of the "Old Hangtown" noose, the deputy sheriffs serving under County Sheriff James Hume were dedicated to keeping the peace in an environment of very few laws and far more firearms. Even then, the tradition of protecting the public without exception was established. Today celebrating its 164th year of operation, the department is now a modern agency employing the industry's best equipment and technology, and staffed by a diverse group of well-trained and professional peace officers. And in its fifth decade in the service of local law enforcement officers, the El Dorado County DSA has itself established a tradition of a providing unwavering protection of the county's working peace officers, together with a commitment to serving our county's citizens.

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