**Originally Posted THURSDAY, 22 JANUARY 2015

There's nothing as dangerous in police work as the no-knock warrant, which allows law enforcement officers to enter a property without warning.

But despite the fact that such operations have gotten a lot of cops—and others—killed, many say the practice is still law enforcement's best chance at catching bad guys and secure evidence to be used at trial.

Because of the controversies surrounding no-knock warrants, some lawmakers—including Georgia State Sen. Vincent Fort—are looking to scale back or eliminate the practice entirely.

In Georgia, Carrie Mill a retired Atlanta Police officer with 30 years on the job—most of that in the drug unit—and a union rep for the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, says no-knock warrants were critical in closing cases and winning convictions.

"If we knock and announced, all evidence is going to be destroyed," Mills told Atlanta's WGCL-TV.

By PupSecAlliance

January 22nd, 2015



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